BenefitDriven's cybersecurity benefits

Cybersecurity: An Essential Component of Your Organization’s Ecosystem

In today’s world, a security breach is the fastest way to make headlines. These risks aren’t just direct threats to confidential data, they can also place fund offices in significant legal jeopardy. With an estimated 30,000 websites hacked each day according to Zippia, it is imperative that your benefit administration system has the right defenses in place to protect your data. Implementing these cybersecurity controls will protect your employee and member data from compromises and support compliance with mandatory healthcare regulations.

Doing Your Part

Although having a secure, compliant benefit administration platform will aid in reducing and eliminating cyber threats, end-user participation in security and privacy is just as important. Administrators need to know what to look for and do when it comes to the safety and security of their employees, members, and data.


The impact of major data breaches means more than just having to change your password. Cyber threats can come from any level of your organization. With human error causing over 90% of data breaches in the United States, it’s critically important to educate staff on how to identify and correctly respond to cyber threats.

Protect Sensitive Data

The sheer volume of sensitive data that employers maintain can be an attractant to hackers. Not only does this put the employees and members whose data is at risk, but it also puts the fund itself at risk of lawsuits if that information is obtained because of negligence in compliance.

Update Your Software

One of the most basic ways to protect your organization is to ensure your software is up to date. Technology companies like BenefitDriven are constantly upgrading and updating their systems; a quick update is often all it takes to stay compliant.

Doing Our Part

Safeguarding our client’s data has been and always will be central to everything we do at BenefitDriven. We aim to offer the safest, most secure environment for your sensitive data with our first-class technology solutions—all so you can stay focused on providing high-quality service and care to your members and their families.

Secure Access, Anytime

BenefitDriven is committed to keeping our platform running smoothly so you can serve your employees and members. We employ a cloud-based architecture that leverages the unique capabilities of Microsoft Azure to deliver a solution with advanced security, scalability, and resiliency. Our application is protected by a Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 Type 2 attestation, which requires an annual audit by an independent third party. To further exemplify BenefitDriven’s commitment to practicing the most rigorous security procedures, our solution will be undergoing a SOC 2 Type 2 audit later this year.

Multi-Factor Authentication

As featured in last month’s blog post, we highlighted how a multifactor authentication (MFA) solution in your benefit administration platform can work as a safeguard to secure your fund office against weak and recycled passwords. By adding this extra layer of protection to our BenefitDriven system, end-users gain an additional layer of protection as they enter a password and an accompanying one-time passcode sent via the MFA app of their choice or SMS text.

Advanced Encryption

Secure, automated EDI transactions are also an integral part of the total security picture. HIPAA Director, our all-in-one EDI gateway and scheduler automates the HIPAA-required and general-purpose managed file transfers and real-time API integrations and supports multiple encryption protocols, compression, signing, and operational notifications.

Cloud Hosting

BenefitDriven hosts and manages client data using Microsoft Azure. While Microsoft has a large team of data security professionals who work around the clock to ensure the data stays safe, we also employ advanced monitoring tools such as Threat Intelligence and Advanced Threat Analytics. The BenefitDriven system has multi-layered, built-in security controls that identify and help protect data against external threats.

Cyber threats are widespread, and they affect large and small fund offices alike. At BenefitDriven, data security is integral to our technology, business processes, and infrastructure. With the help of our platform, we aim to help employers strengthen defenses across people, processes, and technology. For an in-depth discussion regarding how we can help protect your fund office from ever-changing threats, schedule a call with our team of experts today.